Guitar, Wiggleworms Program, Drummers, Voice for Guitarists

Bill has been lovingly referred to by students as the “Zen Guitar Teacher” because of his self taught stylings and open minded approach to learning. Bill’s classrooms are dynamic and full of laughter. While he follows a lesson plan, he is often inspired by feedback from his students, which he uses to customize the class. He often teaches a song by ear in addition to the songs written in the class packet.

Bill studied film and video production in London. While there, he also studied classical guitar with Gerry Garcia of the London Philharmonic. He hosted a children’s after school TV show on the Waukegan public access channel where he read books on air. Bill is certified by the state of Illinois as a pre-kindergarten through 8th grade music teacher. He has received two Old Town School Inspired Teacher Awards and was featured on two of the Old Town School Songbook CDs. Bill was the founder of the School’s Juneteenth program, which eventually developed into World Music Wednesday concerts. He is also the founder of Elastic Revolution’s Emerging Artist series in Logan Square.

“Bill is amazing. He’s warm, engaging, talented, and a wonderful presence in the class. Both my daughter and I loved him.” –Wiggleworms Parent